Nov 13 | Chosen To Serve For Increase

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(LUKE 5:1-7, JOHN 15:16)

INTRODUCTION: The account preceding this passage suggests that Peter and Jesus had known each other. Luke 4:38-39 shows that Jesus healed the mother-in-law of Peter.

Three 3 major words are apparent in the topic discussion:

  1. CHOSEN (John 15:16)

Chosen: is to be called out of many (John 15:16) Out of many, God picks you for a purpose Rom 8:29, 1Peter 2:9, 2tim 2:20-21, Rom 9:11-15. We should look and aim for divine ordination. God has a purpose for a chosen vessel. We should always surrender ourselves for God’s service

  1. SERVE

Service: is the effort we put into the kingdom business.

The purpose of being chosen is to serve;

(1)    Servants think more about others than themselves. They are self-forgetful. Authentic servants do not use God for their purpose but use self for God’s purpose.

(2)    A servant thinks as a steward not owner, when a servant serves as a steward faithfully, he will be promoted

(3)    Servants think about their work not what others are doing. They don’t compare, compete or criticize other servants – luke10:38-42.

Martha was condemned because she was not focused on her job. Romans 14:4, Neh 6:2-3.

(4)    Servants base their identity in Christ Jn 3:30.They willingly accept a job that others consider low for their status Jn 13:3-5

To serve for increase, settle your identity in Christ – IIcor 10:18.

The closer you get to Jesus, the less you need to promote or project self.

(5)    Servants think of ministry as an opportunity not a right – john 12:26, Neh 6:10


(1)    Accept the authority of Jesus as a servant v3,4

(2)    Respect the sacredness and supremacy of God’s word Ezek 17;23-24

(3)    Act against common sense. Faith makes us act contrary to common sense

Expect result for every Godly step.

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