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“Early on the first day of  the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance. So she came running to Simon Peter and the other disciple, the one Jesus loved and said “They have taken the Lord out of the tomb and we don’t know where they have put him”. John 20:1-2.

When we receive a sudden and unexpected good news, we sometimes say that news is “too good to believe”. The disciples of Christ reacted in the same way to the fact of resurrection. They did not believe the good news of Jesus’ resurrection initially (Mark 16:11, Luke 24:11).

 The story of our Lord began with the miracle of His virgin birth and ended with the miracle of His bodily resurrection. All the miracles of Jesus are significant, however no other miracle surpassed the miracle of His resurrection. His resurrection is the foundation for our faith and witness. Jesus resurrection was the proof disciples needed to proclaim to the world the ministry and purpose of His coming to the world. Had there been no resurrection, Christian faith would have been in vain for there would be no new testament and there would have been no church to proclaim the risen Lord.


The resurrection of Christ is the centre of the gospel because Christ rose from the dead as He promised. We know that all He said is true; therefore His disciple can proclaim all the sayings of Christ.

(1).  It is the most cogent proof of His being the Messiah – someone sent by God to die for the sin  of mankind. John 1:29.

(2). Upon His resurrection rests our redemption and salvation. I Cor. 15:17 for without it, our faith is futile.

(3). The resurrection of Christ is the centre of the gospel message. Because Christ rose from the dead as He promised, we know that all He said is true and believable.

(4).  Because he rose,  we have certainty that our sins are forgiven, we have been ransomed and  justified.

(5).  Because he rose and defeated death, we know we will also be raised at the end of the age.

(6).  Because Christ rose from the dead, he became a life-giving spirit. He is the source of the  spiritual life that will result in our resurrection.

(7).  By His resurrection, believers enjoy  constantly a peculiar resurrection power which was not  available before He resurrected.

(8).  Resurrection of Christ places an ethical obligation on believers to be steadfast, immovable and always abounding in the work of the Lord  (Cor. 15:58).


Mary Magdalene was one of the Disciples of Christ while He was on earth. She brought spices to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection to anoint the dead body of Jesus.  Her  love for Jesus prepared her to be in the first set of proclaimers of the resurrection of Jesus. Though she was confused about the where about of the body of Jesus, her devotion revealed that she loved Jesus. To be a proclaimer of the risen Lord, we must love Jesus and believe His words.

Mary and other women spread the news of the resurrection of Christ. At Easter, believers must spread with passion, the message of resurrection.


The conviction in the resurrection of Christ and the experience of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit made the apostles proclaimers of Christ resurrection. In Acts 2:22-24, Peter courageously proclaimed how Christ was crucified by the Jews and how God raised Him from the dead. Since the resurrection of Christ is the bedrock of the gospel, believers must use the occasion of Easter to spread anew what the Almighty has done in relation to the redemption of mankind.

PHILIP IN SAMARIA:  Jesus allowed persecution to occur because the disciples were slow in proclaiming the risen Lord. As Philip sought safety in Samaria among people who were dispersed, the Spirit of Christ empowered Philip to preach and perform miracles (Acts 8:4 – 5). Believers should learn that challenges of life should not hinder us from proclaiming the risen Lord, because there are still lands to conquer. God supported Philip and his mission was accomplished in Samaria.

In Conclusion. Brethren, every season of the year is allowed for a purpose. At this season of Easter, plan to be a proclaimer of the risen Lord. His death is the price demanded to free mankind from the power and penalty of sin. Let Him reign in the life of others as He is reigning in your life.  It is the main responsibility of all Christians to tell others of the bodily resurrection of Jesus.  It is also our duty to tell non-Christians that one day we will also resurrect and spend eternity in heaven with Christ. Halleluyah!

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